Refund Rules

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Can I get refunds across the counter?

In most cases if tickets are surrendered for cancellation within the prescribed time limits, you can get refund across the counter.

 What are the prescribed limits for refund?

1. In case of confirmed reserved tickets, upto 2 hours of the actual departure of the train irrespective of distance.

No refund will be granted after two hours of the actual departure of the train.

2. In case of RAC/waitlisted tickets upto three hours after the actual departure of the train irrespective of the distance. No refund will be granted after 3 hours of the actual departure of the train.

3. For trains departing between 21.00 hours and 06.00 hours (actual departure), you can get a refund within two

hours of opening of the Reservation Office, in case no current counters are available at the originating station.


Suppose I am unable to get refund within the prescribed

time limit.

(1) For refund of fare under circumstances other than those specified in these rules or under circumstances like ‘bandh’ or agitations or floods, etc., the passengers could not reach the reservation counter or station or current counters for cancellation of tickets, in those cases, a TDR shall be issued to the passenger and the passenger may apply for refund of fare within ten days from the day of commencement of journey to the Chief Commercial Manager (Refunds) of the railway administration under whose jurisdiction the TDR issuing station comes, enclosing the original TDR.

(2) The TDR shall be issued only upto three days after the scheduled departure of the train.


Suppose I am unable to approach the concerned authorities, what do I do?

In exceptional circumstances you may obtain a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) from the nearest major station within

3 (Three) days from the day of scheduled travel. You must then submit an application in the prescribed form (Printed on the back of TDR) to the Chief Commercial Manager (Refunds) of the Zonal Railway to which the Ticket Deposit Receipt-issuing station belongs. This application must be submitted within 10 (Ten) days from the date of your journey. The refund officer will examine the case on merit and, if decided, refund will be sent to you by a Station Pay Order (to be encashed at station) or Money Order or Crossed Cheque.


Will the entire amount be refunded or will I lose some


The fare you paid for your ticket will be refunded after deducting cancellation charges in case of confirmed ticket and clerkage Charge in case of RAC/WL/Unreserved Tickets, If the ticket is surrendered within the prescribed time limit as per refund rules.


How much will be deducted as cancellation charges?

The amount deducted is based on the time of cancellation and the status of your ticket. Detailed are given below:

(i) For cancellation of confirmed tickets more than 48 hours advance of the scheduled departure of the train.

Flat cancellation

charges per passenger

Class of your ticket

Rs. 120 AC First/Executive class

Rs. 100 AC-2tier/Ist class

Rs. 90 AC-3tier/AC chair car,

AC-3 Economy

Rs. 60 Sleeper

Rs. 30 Second class


(ii) For cancellation of confirmed tickets less than 48 hrs and upto 6 hrs before the scheduled departure of the train, the cancellation charges will be 25% of the total fare paid by you.

(iii) For cancellation of confirmed tickets less than 6 hrs before the scheduled departure of the train and upto 2 hrs of the actual departure of the train, the cancellation charges will be 50% of the fare paid by you, subject to minimum flat cancellation charges for each class.

(iv) For cancellation of RAC/Waitlisted tickets if ticket is presented for cancellation upto 3 hours of the actual departure of the train irrespective of distance, full refund of fare will be given, after deducting the clerkage charge per pssenger.

If you are having a ticket with several legs of journey, if the first leg of the journey is confirmed the whole ticket will be treated as a confirmed ticket for purpose of applying cancellation/refund rules. On the other hand if the first leg of the journey is in the waiting list, even if the all the other legs of onward journey are confirmed, the whole ticket will still be treated only as waitlisted ticket for purpose of granting refund.


Will I be able to get a refund if I do not wish to travel due to late running of trains?

If your train is running late by more than three hours, you can get a refund of full fare paid by you without any deductions. You can claim this refund at the journey commencing station upto the actual departure of the train.


What about refund for a ticket where some passengers are Confirmed and others are Waitlisted?

In combined tickets, where few passengers are Waitlisted and others are Confirmed, you will be given full refund less clerkage charge in respect of all passengers, if such tickets are cancelled within 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train and up to 2 hours after the actual departure of the

How much will it cost me to get a duplicate ticket?

If the loss of your Confirmed/RAC ticket is reported before the preparation of the Reservation Chart, a duplicate ticket will be issued on collection of Rs. 50 per passenger for second & sleeper class and Rs. 100 per passenger for other classes. In case of the loss of your confirmed ticket is reported after preparation of the Reservation Chart, a duplicate ticket will be issued on collection of 50% of the fare. No duplicate ticket will be prepared after preparation of Reservation chart in case of RAC tickets.


What is clerkage charge and when is it levied?

Same as otherwise mentioned, clerkage is a charge levied for the clerical work rendered in refund of fares on cancellation of unreserved, wait-listed & RAC tickets. The amount of clerkage charge is Rs. 30 per passenger, except for second class unreserved tickets where it is Rs. 15.


How much refund is given on surrendering unused unreserved ticket?

If an unused unreserved ticket is presented for cancellation, full fare is refunded after deducting the per passenger clerkage charge provided that the ticket is surrendered for cancellation to the station master.

(i) within 3 hours of issue of tickets.

(ii) In case tickets issued in advance, the ticket is presented upto 24 hours of the day preceding the day of journey.